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365 Days 

365 Days (2020) 365 วัน

365 Days 

365 Days Following a meeting with the Torricelli Sicilian Mafia crime families and black market dealers, Massimo Torricelli watches a gorgeous beach-side woman and converses with his father, who is the mafia boss. The dealers suddenly shoot Massimo and his father. Massimo survives, while his father dies from his wounds.

Massimo who was the Torricelli family leader of the crime is now the Torricelli family’s leader five-years after. Laura Biel is celebrating her 29th birthday in Italy with Martin, her friend Olga and Martin. But, when Martin arrives at Etna alone she decides she’ll go for a walk and meets Massimo, who is abducting her.

Massimo informs Laura that he first met her in the past five years on the beach. Massimo was so devastated that he was unable to think of any other way to express his feelings.

While they’re spending time together, Laura teases him and is then unable to get an intimate relationship with Massimo. Laura teases him in the hotel in Rome and she is put on his bed. Massimo has Laura be aware of his sexual relations with an oral separate woman. He claims he intends to penetrate her, but then alters his mind and instructs Laura to dress for a club.

Massimo is a member of the club, begins to rub Laura because he’s irritated by Laura’s touch. Massimo then exiles Laura from the club.

Massimo, Laura, and Anna attend the masquerade ball. Anna threatens Laura, and Massimo claims that Anna is the one whom he is in love with. After meeting Laura at the airport, he does the exact same similar thing.

Following the event, Massimo and Laura have had a sex session again. He informs Laura that he’s heading to Warsaw to see her family and promises to return after she’s done with her business. He assures Laura that he’s in love with her and is concerned with her.

On the way to the airport Domenico was one mafioso from Massimo’s clan. He tried to assure a nervous Laura that Anna isn’t going to harm her, but he receives a phone calland tells Laura to remain in Warsaw and then hurries off.

Laura is waiting in Warsaw to meet Massimo for several days without any contact. Olga her closest friend was brought back to Laura and they take off to a club. Martin comes up to her, telling her that he’s looking for her to apologize. Martin tries to persuade her to forgive him. He returns to her house in the area where Massimo is waiting in amazement. Martin quits and Laura and Massimo are in a relationship. Laura discovers the wounds which he’s suffered during the ongoing battle when she takes off her shirt. He is stunned to see that she’s been in love with her. Massimo proposes to her at the beginning of the day and she says yes. She demands Massimo to keep her parents’ “occupation” secret.

Mario informs Massimo of the tensions he’s experienced within the home of Italy. Laura states that she’s feeling sick but hasn’t seen a doctor.